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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Auckland Libraries are wonderful! I love exploring the libraries this city has to offer. I know there are so many engaging and quality resources that I could use in the classroom and at home with my two young children. These days I no longer have the time to browse as much as I would like to. I attend the free Wiggle and Rhyme classes with my five month old, but once that is finished it is nap time. These days, I search for children's picture books that I am after on the website. I simply type my keywords, title or author in the catalogue search and a find lots of relevant items. I can refine it further to just picture books too. I can find what Auckland library they are in, but I don't have the time to drive around to collect them. My favourite feature to use is the Request it button. This lets me request the item to be sent to my local Auckland Library. When Wriggle and Rhyme has finished, I visit the allocated bookshelf for items on hold and collect and issue them. So easy! Some school libraries don't always have the titles you are after, especially new releases. Auckland Libraries always have new books I see on display at leading book stores on their shelves too.

Libby App Did you know that there is an app that works with Auckland Libraries to offer you eBooks and Audio books? Amazing! I managed to finish a Jack Reacher novel in three days during the school holidays while I cleaned my classroom.

Beamafilm I only just discovered this recently and have watched some fascinating documentaries. My favourite would have to be Mystify - about Michael Hutchence. Beamafilm is an online streaming service that has educational films too. Definitely worth checking out!

As a Mum I also appreciate all the kids services that Auckland Libraries offer, from toddlers to teens. Check them out here to see what services could benefit your children.

Happy reading x

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