Tips & Tricks - Google Forms for Teachers - 10 ways to use Google Forms effectively in the classroom

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Google Forms is an effective tool to gather information quickly and easy access the results.

I currently have a form on my bookmarks bar for any communication that I have with Parents/ Guardians. I have another for any professional development notes I have and readings I want to take notes on.

In the classroom, Google Forms can collect information and keep it all in the same place in Google Drive.

Here are some ideas on using Google Forms in the classroom

  • Survey Parents/ Caregivers at the beginning of the year to find out more about their child's learning style and interests

  • Survey Students at the beginning of the year

  • Survey staff when leading a staff meeting to gain insight into the teachers needs in your area of expertise

  • Students collaboratively create Google Forms Quiz - a fun way to test their learning on a topic

  • Reading logs

  • Learning logs - students could complete after each inquiry project session to keep track on what they have completed and refer back to to see their learning journey

  • Students can create Google Forms to send for feedback on projects

  • Forms for teachers, students and parents on feedback for how a unit of learning/camp went

  • Google Forms Quiz to identify prior knowledge on a topic

  • Google Forms Quiz to contribute towards summative assessment of a unit of learning

Watch the tutorial on the basics of using Google Forms in the classroom.

Not working? Click here to watch the tutorial on YouTube.

If you have any comments, feedback, requests, questions or concerns please contact me. I look forward to connecting with you.

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