Tips and Tricks on creating your own Bitmoji classroom scene on Google Slides

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I love creating my classroom environment on Google Slides and using my Bitmoji. I also like to dream and create a nice homely scene too. Here are my 4 tips to success when starting out in creating your Bitmoji classroom scene.

Tip 1: Download the Bitmoji extension from the Chorme Web Store here

Tip 2: Create your Bitmoji self

Tip 3: Decide how you want to use your scene. Will it be a display when students come into class each day on the screen? Will students be interacting with this classroom independently? Will you have different scenes for different times of the day? It is very easy to spend a lot of precious time on creating your classroom scene, so having a clear vision on how you will use it will help you avoid going down the rabbit hole.

Tip 4: Begin with this FREE Bitmoji Google Slides Template. Simply make a copy and modify it with your own Bitmoji character and personality. Watch this video for basics on your Bitmoji classroom scene creation.

Not working? Click here to watch the tutorial on YouTube.

If you have any comments, feedback, requests, questions or concerns please contact me. I look forward to connecting with you.

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