What are Bullet Journals

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I have recently been introduced to a bullet journal and I love it! I consider myself an organised person already, but my bullet journal helps me keep on track of what I need to get through each day and identify what tasks are not worth my precious time.

Before I discovered a bullet journal, I had sticky notes lists on my desktop, lists on the notes app on my phone, handwritten lists in the classroom and at home and post it notes everywhere. As an educator, it has been useful using a Bullet Journal in place of the dated diary, as some days I struggle to keep all the information, reminders and to do lists in the box for that day. With a Bullet Journal I can take as much room as I need. The Bullet Journal has dots which is great for quickly drawing out an idea or diagram, without lines getting in the way and creating large spreads.

The bullet journal at first, can seem like a lot of work, but once set up it was an effective way to organise my thoughts in my own custom made way.

I have noticed the change in my organisation in both my busy professional and personal lives as an educator and a mother of two young children. Now I am beginning to think about the benefits of introducing my students to the bullet journal concept to support them with prioritisation.

Browse the Store to find a stunning Bullet Journal for yourself and give it a go!

See this video to find out what it is all about and how to get started!

There are some amazing YouTube videos to find some inspiration. Here is one of my favourites.

Are you an educator in New Zealand who bullet journals? We would love to see your favourite spread you use and a blurb about why it is so effective. Email us at info@missmattock.com.

Browse the Store to find a stunning Bullet Journal for yourself and give it a go!

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