Quality teaching lessons, programmes, workshops and plans for the kiwi classroom.

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If you are not sure if the resources are for you, try the FREE TASTERS to be sure it is the right fit for you and your learners. 


  • Writing structure break down

  • Writing motivation websites

  • Five lessons specific to your year level (NE, Y1-2, Y3-4, Y5-6, Y7-8)

  • Lessons are a digital online modelling book form with links to videos and images that relate to the learning intention and motivation

  • Word of the Week

  • Talk Buddy organisation

  • Completely editable

  • Google Slides
  • FREE lesson available to try before you purchase!


Reciprocal Reading Programme


  • Visually attractive responsibility/role/job cards and bookmarks with key questions

  • Editable resources so you can modify to suit your teaching style and learners

  • Suitable for Year 3 to Year 8 (New Zealand Curriculum)

  • A range of Question support structures to encourage quality open questioning, such as thinking hats and Higher Order Thinking.

  • Tried and tested in the typical New Zealand classrooms with a wide range of reading abilities and learning challenges

  • Google Slides 

  • Five days of planning which could be five weeks worth of planning (one text per group each week - all groups with the same text).

  • Links to engaging online reading content that can be printed

  • Visually attractive modelling book


Beginning of the Year

A range of plans, individual lessons and display resources for the first week of the year with your new class.